SIXT Car Rental at JFK Airport

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SIXT Car Rental at JFK Airport
SIXT Car Rental at JFK Airport

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86 / 100
Desk Service
84 / 100
flag Vehicle Pickup
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SIXT Car Rental Services at JFK Airport

Those who are a bit worried with their ground transportation needs upon arrival at JFK Airport should brush all their worries away because Sixt Car Rentals in JFK has many solutions to the problems you may encounter upon arrival at the airport. It is a car rental company that has been serving the public for over 100 years and has maintained the distinction of providing the best car rental services to its clients. It has many deals, special offers and discounts that is sure to attract any passenger who wishes to travel in style and elegance. Expect posh yet affordable vehicles to be in their list like the Mercedes, the BMW, the Ford, the Toyota, the Volkswagen, the Nissan, and the Chevy. You may also find economy cars, SUV, vans, and convertibles ready to be rented to you after you have accomplished the online application. There is always a Sixt car available for you and you just need to press the button for them to accept your car rental reservation.

Sixt is one of many car rental companies in or near JFK Airport.

The services of Sixt Car Rentals in JFK International Airport began through the initiative of Martin Sixt of Munich Germany in the year 1912, the very first car rental service in the whole of Europe. Due to this, he was considered as a true innovator of his time. He is forever remembered as the leader in car rental industry and his family remains active in providing innovative solutions to the needs of customers who seeks convenience and affordability with the car rental services in JFK International Airport and other destinations all over the world. From these three rental cars, Sixt Car Rentals have now 150,000 automobiles that are service over 100 countries.

Sixt Car Rentals may be based in Germany and is heralded as Germany's number one rent-a-car company, but this does not imply their services will not extend to other locations. Most Europeans who come and visit the US look for this brand name because of the commitment to excellence vowed to be fulfilled by the company. They placed their trust with the dedication of Sixt Car Rentals; therefore, their name has been synonymous to quality and affordable service.

One of the innovative features provided by Sixt to its customers is the Blackberry and iPhone application. If the past decade was dominated by computers, Sixt sees that the future will be dominated by Blackberry and iPhone. More and more customers are more comfortable fulfilling business transactions using their handy android phones. To respond to this technological change, Sixt Car Rentals included an efficient iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Mobile, Android, and Bada Service to their clients. Potential customers will only be requested to download this application using these types of gadgets and they can easily search cheap online and corporate rates, including the trucks that are offered by the company. It has reservation data and cancellation requests that are charged on a per SMS basis. You may even go through your past reservations to evaluate the vehicle, which you find most comfortable during your trip. These applications has made the reservation process so much easier because you can easily fulfill these even while traveling inside your own car and planning your weekend get-away or business trip in New York City. These Blackberry applications are given for free and can easily be downloaded by visiting their website. The specifications for the fulfillment are also provided through this online information guide.

One trademark of Sixt Car Rentals in JFK is the elegance and affordability of the vehicles it offers. No wonder it has become the first choice of many corporate executives when they come and visit New York City. Any business representative would like to leave a good impression in the mind of their business partners and this will begin with the vehicle they will use in getting to the agreed meeting place. Once they see that you are riding a Mercedes-Benz on the way to your meeting, they will associate it with your company’s philosophy and over-all performance. Luckily, the company gives this service for a very reasonable price inclusive of the energy surcharge, the vehicle license fee, and the rental surcharge. However, you have to make the reservation 48 hours before your scheduled arrival at the airport so they can confirm that it will be available for your utility.

Sixt Car Rentals in John F. Kennedy International Airport is also one with the call to save the environment and is offering hybrid cars that are proven to be earth friendly. You will be happy to see these in their list of vehicles and consider it as part of the possible vehicles you may use during your trip in New York City. There are other car discounts offered by the Sixt and it helps if you will sign-up with their MySixt program. Through this system, you can receive online-check in, proximity maps, reservation confirmation, and bonus checks like miles that are given to loyal customers, and updated credit card information. This is free of charge and is readily available once you visit their official website.

Make your choice from the variety of vehicles they offer including the ECAR, the CBAR, the CCAR, the CLAR, the ICAR, the SCAR, the FCAR, the PCAR, the LCAR, the MVAR, the SVAR, the FVAR, the CTAR, the STAR, the ITAR, the PTAR, the LTAR, the XTAR, the IFAR, the SFAR, the FFAR, the PFAR, and the XFAR. Notice that the minimum age requirement and the driving experience varies from the vehicle type you prefer to reserve. This has to be done because some of the vehicles are extremely expensive and it would be a big problem if a minor with minimal driving experience will be in-charge of driving it. There may be insurance fees that will be paid but the company reserves the right to make this kind of limitation and it is optimistic customers will understand this. In any case, you are free to choose from the luxurious and elegant vehicles only Sixt Car Rentals can provide in John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Where is the SIXT Rental Desk at JFK Airport?

IMPORTANT John F. Kennedy (JFK) is currently under construction. Please be advised that there may be delays when retrieving your vehicle. If you are returning a vehicle, please allow additional time prior to your departure. Your way to SIXT/Shuttle Service Take the AirTrain to the Federal Circle stop. We are located on the Ground Floor. Follow the orange SIXT signs and you will find our facility. If you are taking the escalator SIXT is on the left side. If you are taking the elevator SIXT is on the right side. I-678 (Manhattan/Queens) If you are coming from I-678, please take the exit to John F. Kennedy Airport, go around Federal Circle and take exit C. Keep forward through Cargo Service Road and follow the SIXT signage. The entry will be on the left-hand side. Jamaica/Queens If you are coming from the N Boundary Rd, make a right turn on 150th Ave, turn right on 147th St, and keep driving until the road turns into Cargo Service Rd. Then you will see SIXT signage and the entry will be on the left-hand side.

Map of SIXT rental desk at JFK Airport

What are SIXT Opening Hours at JFK Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 00:00 23:59
Tuesday 00:00 23:59
Wednesday 00:00 23:59
Thursday 00:00 23:59
Friday 00:00 23:59
Saturday 00:00 23:59
Sunday 00:00 23:59

The SIXT Rental Desk at JFK Airport is located at:

Sixt Us Corporate

312 Federal Cir, Jamaica, 11430-1514, NY, New York

Tel: +1-8887498227

Rental Desk Location: In Terminal

Both the vehicle and hire desk/counter are located inside the terminal.

What rental cars are available from Sixt at JFK Airport?

The rental cars available from Sixt at JFK Airport are:

What are the cheapest rental cars available from Sixt at JFK Airport?

The lowest priced rental cars from Sixt at JFK Airport per category are:

What automatic car rentals does Sixt offer at JFK Airport?

Sixt offer the following automatic cars:

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Sixt at New York - La Guardia Airport

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Sixt at Manhattan - Battery Park

20 Morris Street, Manhattan, New York, 10006-2901, Ny, New York

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How much does it cost to add an additional driver to a rental car with SIXT at JFK Airport?
Category Models Daily Price
Compact Nissan Versa... 6.04 USD
Fullsize Toyota Camry... 6.04 USD
Intermediate Nissan Sentra, Toyota Rav4... 6.04 USD
Large SUV GMC Acadia... 6.04 USD
Luxury BMW 3 Series, BMW X3... 6.04 USD
Premium BMW 2 Series, BMW X1... 6.04 USD
Special BMW 5 Series, BMW X5, BMW X7... 6.04 USD
Standard Chevrolet Blazer, Toyota Corolla... 6.04 USD

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.

What is the fuel policy when renting a car from SIXT at JFK Airport?

Code Description
FULLFULL Fuel: Pick up and return full.

*Some companies may offer alternative fuel policies on request.

What additional equipment can I rent with a rental car from SIXT at JFK Airport?

Item Daily Price
Booster seat
5.83 USD
Child toddler seat
5.83 USD
18.46 USD
Infant child seat
5.83 USD

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.
* Some companies may offer additional equipment at the rental desk.

Be greener - rent an electric or hybrid car on holiday

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Car Brands Available to Rent from Sixt at JFK Airport

Sixt has 25 different types of vehicles from 24 manufacturers available to hire at JFK Airport.