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The John F. Kennedy International Airport trains serves as the official train of the JFK terminal. It brings passengers to and from the airport using two subway stations and the Long Island Railroad. However, it does not directly transfer passengers to the Manhattan Area. Those who wish to go to Manhattan may need to switch trains, use the subway, and ride a commuter train. If this will be a lot of inconvenience on the part of the passenger then the other option will be to take the taxicab ride and pay a flat rate of $45.00 or rent a car at JFK Airport and drive to their Manhattan destination. These are some of the options you have upon arrival at the airport, and it helps to know the destinations, the schedules, and the fares that the airport is willing to give to passengers. This information can be used for you to properly asses the best form of transportation to use.

The John F. Kennedy Train costs $5.00 per ride. This does not include the connecting subway or trains you may need if you wish to reach a certain destination. Those who wish to transfer to a subway, or bus may need to pay another $2.00. As for the LIRR cost, it will vary depending on the train station. In brief, you may need to prepare $7.00 if you wish to go to the Manhattan area. This covers the $5.00 rate for the JFK Train and the $2.00 rate for the train transfer fee. Those who wish to take advantage of the AirTrain and the LIRR Penn Station may need to prepare $12.25 during peak hours and $10.25 during off-peak hours. This covers the $5.00 rate for the JFK Air Train and the $7.25 or the $5.25 rate for the LIRR Penn Station.

The AirTrain Route connects Jamaica through the LIRR and the E,Z, and J subways as well as Howard Beach. It runs every 10 minutes and will take you around 35 to 50 minutes if you wish to go to the Manhattan Area using the LIRR and a minimum of one hour if you wish to use the AirTrain and Subway combination. Nevertheless, those who will be coming from Jamaica and Howard Beach may only need to wait for 10 minutes for them to arrive at the airport. It also services and connects the airline terminals, the hotel shuttles, the airport parking lots, and the rental car facilities of the airport. You may refer to the maps at the airport and the ones inside the AirTrain to learn the best station where you can be dropped off to avoid much delay with your schedule. This is advised if you do know your way around the city, but if you were not fully acquainted with its streets then it would be safer to hire taxicabs in the area or car rental companies in New York that offers the services of car drivers for free.

The AirTrain of JFK follows 3 routes namely the Howard Beach Route, the Jamaica Station Route, and the Airline Terminal Route. The Howard Beach route concludes at the subway station of Howard Beach-JFK. It stops right at Lefferts Blvd. to provide passengers access to connecting transit services like the B15 bus and the shuttle buses. Passengers may take these shuttle buses and it will lead them to the long term parking lots, referred to as Lots A and Lots B, as well as the employee parking area of the airport. The Jamaica Station Route ends at the Station of the Jamaica along the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). It is located right next to Sutphin Bouelvard or the Archer Ave. – John F. Kennedy subway station that will lead passengers to Brookly, Queens, or Manhattan. Those who wish to go to other destinations are given liberty to take the E, J, and Z subway trains or the Q6, The Q8, the Q20A and Q20B, the Q25, the Q34, the Q31, the Q40, the Q43, the Q44, the Q60, and the Q65 buses. These routes taken by the buses use the counterclockwise loop through the airport and make it stop at each of the terminals. The last AirTrain JFK route is the Airline Terminal Route. This connects the six terminal station of the airport namely Terminals 1, 2 and 3, 4, 5 and 6, 7, and 8 and 9. It operates in the opposite direction resulting to a clockwise loop. All of these trains are wheelchair accessible, so passengers with ambulatory problems will be very happy and satisfied with it.

JFK AirTrain is efficient, especially if you are in a rush. However, if you do intend to use this form of public transportation, then make sure you are not travelling with too many suitcases because it will cause you much discomfort and inconvenience. You may need to make a few transfers, so it is best to carry a light carry on bag. If this is unavoidable because you are going to a trip with the entire, family then renting a car may be more economical. You may not be required to stick too much on a tight schedule because of business obligations and the fancy of car rental companies may be more beneficial for your needs.

You have to take into consideration your priority in choosing the perfect ground transportation option at JFK. Is your trip for business or pleasure? If you have narrowed down the reasons for your stay then you may easily choose the best option for you. The JFK AirTrain is very efficient. It will be ready to serve anyone 24/7. It is very accommodating and always run on time. You are sure to arrive at your destination as long as your ride it. Nevertheless, take into account the possible inconveniences you may need to bear. If this discomforts turn out to be very minimal then it would definitely be wiser to just hop on these trains and proceed with your New York destination.